The shape of this clog was initially developed for the SS20 collection, inspired most obviously by traditional Chinese rice farmer clogs, but at the same time the stories of The Arabian Nights, Robert Louis Stevenson’s New Arabian Nights and the shapes and decorations of old Moroccan combs.   The sole unit of the Jamila is manufactured from Italian oak which is then water transfer printed with a faux-carbon fiber print, whilst the upper is made from an Italian nylon twill with contrast stitching. The entire shoe and all its components are made in Italy in collaboration with a local network of specialist factories, artisans and suppliers.   Please note that whilst good-quality wood is the best material for strong adherence of the water-transfer print, this part of the shoe remains fragile and could chip and scratch with sustained use. I believe that this only adds to the charm and personality of the shoe, but if that’s not your style then beware! Also: the clog has the same fit characteristics as the traditional clogs that inspired it and thus “click-clacks” on the floor as you wear it.   For any questions or doubts about this shoe please send an email to sc@simonavanth.com

 490 incl. Vat for EU


    Our shoes are completely handmade, please allow 4 WEEKS to handcraft.

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