Built on the same last as our much-loved Tango boot (but with a more practical 50mm heel), the Jessie Sabot is the ultimate tourist limbo sandal. Tourist Limbo is a state of mind in which the tourist becomes (voluntarily or otherwise) disconnected from reality. In this state (heightened by wearing the Jessie Sabot or any other shoe from the Tourist Limbo collection), one is free to experiment with alternate identities, to try anything, to imagine new futures, to consider – this time really seriously – not returning home at all, but staying on, becoming someone else, opening a small dive bar in a back alley of Amalfi or Sydney Harbour or Marseille… The Jessie Sabot is made from embroidered nylon mesh, glittered suede, premium Italian suede and napa with a leather sole and block heel. Inspired by “recovery” post-race sports sandals it is designed for everyday summer wear. As with all our shoes the Tango Star is made-to-order by our small Italian factory.                                                            

 575,84 incl. Vat for EU


Our shoes are completely handmade, please allow 4 WEEKS to handcraft. Sizes from 42 to 46 are available upon request.

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