Autumn-Winter 2022 is dedicated to a princess. This princess is tired of acting like a Millenium Diva; constantly photographing herself in fancy outfits, making videos of her ‘normal’ life, keeping her hordes of fans happy. She is actually very very sad. She is in a dark place. She longs for action. She would like to be a just a little bit more like Bulle Ogier in Maitresse. To wear a leather harness under her Laura Ashley. To get dirty. To buy a motorbike. To escape from it all. Broom-broom.


Based on the last of our signature Serafine loafer, the Tango is a classic Simona Vanth hybrid, combining the everyday wearability of a loafer shaper with the comfort of a stacked leather heel and layers of poetic details. A continuative model, the Tango is available in seasonal variations, including the new summer sandal.


Simona Vanth’s best-selling family, the Cicogna was borne from the desire to give new life to the extraordinary collection of mid-20th century Italian embroidered handkerchiefs and linens collected by our Genovese friend, Mirella. Each shoe upper, assembled from these vintage pieces by Simona in her home studio in Moneglia, is a truly unique piece.




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