SS23 is the second Simona Vanth I have dedicated to a feeling I call “Tourist Limbo”. Tourist Limbo is a state of mind, a sensation that has overcome me many times when traveling. Quite suddenly, you feel disconnected from your past, from the place you normally life, your everyday life. You find yourself dressing differently, buying strange, audacious, clothing or objects. You are in fact in a limbo, a limbo in which you are able to live out fantasies of a new life evoked by a place without any of the complications of actually having to start that new life. But be careful: sometimes this limbo transports you into darker territories, into a terrifying emptiness, an overwhelming paranoia in which a fantasy is transformed into , the euphoria of earlier is a distant memory…

The Simona Vanth shoes of SS23 have been designed for this full Tourist Limbo journey.


Simona Vanth’s best-selling family, the Cicogna was borne from the desire to give new life to the extraordinary collection of mid-20th century Italian embroidered handkerchiefs and linens collected by our Genovese friend, Mirella. Each shoe upper, assembled from these vintage pieces by Simona in her home studio in Moneglia, is a truly unique piece.


Based on the last of our signature Serafine loafer, the Tango is a classic Simona Vanth hybrid, combining the everyday wearability of a loafer shaper with the comfort of a stacked leather heel and layers of poetic details. A continuative model, the Tango is available in seasonal variations, including the new summer sandal.



A numbered limited edition of ten pieces, has been made in collaboration with my good friend the artist Valentina Cameranesi Sgroi. Our new shoe takes the classic Simona Vanth Tango high heel mule, reduces it to its essential form, made from a premium italian napa leather, to this essential shape are added eight hand blown glass charms designed by Valentina, rapresenting the slow budding of a rose.



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