Cupido is the new, heartbreakingly gangster, loafer from Simona Vanth. It has been designed – ideally – to be worn by matching lovestruck couples on full-moon first dates and is accordingly available in all sizes from 36 to 45.


Originally presented in our The Venetian Stripper collection, the Murano is a woven fisherman style sandal built on the signature SV Serafine loafer last with the same oversized sole, manufactured either in Sardinian cork or Italian supercrepe EVA, both ultralight comfort materials.


Simona Vanth’s best-selling family, the Cicogna was borne from the desire to give new life to the extraordinary collection of mid-20th century Italian embroidered handkerchiefs and linens collected by our Genovese friend, Mirella. Each shoe upper, assembled from these vintage pieces by Simona in her home studio in Moneglia, is a truly unique piece.


Based on the last of our signature Serafine loafer, the Tango is a classic Simona Vanth hybrid, combining the everyday wearability of a loafer shaper with the comfort of a stacked leather heel and layers of poetic details. A continuative model, the Tango is available in seasonal variations, including the new summer sandal.


The Simona Vanth clog is a continuative model that has been in production since 2019. Conceived of as a shoe-sculpture it splices together references to traditional Chinese worker clogs, Milanese modernist architecture and the Arabian Nights, fused with a typically hybrid mix of manufacturing techniques.



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