Soon after moving to Genova this September I discovered Profumo, an very posh but discrete pasticceria hidden off the corner of one of the most famous streets in Genova. The staff are studiously unfriendly unless you are seventh-generation genovese and your grandparents used to spend a lot of money there, the window displays are bravura displays of austere confidence BUT there is one candy they make that I love. That candy is called “Patatina” (in Italian: small potato, or also slang for pussy). This little pussy is pale pink on the outside (sugar and potato or corn starch, I think), and on the inside there is a juicy red candied cherry. Sublime. I had to make a shoe in honour of it. So meet little Mary Jane Patatina, built on our classic ultralight and comfy Italian-made EVA wedge sole (in Simona Vanth collections since 2019’s The Adolescent Dracula collection) coupled with a metallic pink leather upper, a cherry red patent leather bow, custom SV pendant attached to the buckle and, for detail obsessives, a Halley-Stevenson waxed cotton tartan insole. Limited edition, produced in only 4 pieces.

xx Simona



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