The Gaucho Wedding, Simona Vanth’s Autumn-Winter 2021 collection, presents a small family of boots, clogs, wedge-heels and lace-ups made using of the brand’s favourite manufacturing techniques and materials to atmospherically sketch the story of a young gaucho girl’s Odyssean journey, away from her life of rural ingenuity across endless pampas to, for the very first time in her young life, the towering metropolis where, still dressed in the magical rags of her rural life, she attends the sumptuous wedding of a distant relative where new and old, timeless and ephemeral, wise and superficial, symbolic and decorative are celebrated together during the endless night. The following morning she returns home, transformed, but with the same innocent spirit with which she first departed what now seems like a lifetime ago.


CARRY-OVER ICONS are Simona Vanth’s continuative models, carried over from previous seasons in classic and, sometimes, special editions, with small manufacturing tweaks to improve the comfort and longevity of the final product. While Simona Vanth also offers seasonal collections we don’t believe in the fashion system’s values of seasonal obsolescence.


The Triple Peak bag was designed in collaboration with, and is manufactured by, our friends Rayon Vert International, an ultralight outdoors lifestyle collective based in Milan.


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